Our organization centric approach seeks first to understand your goals, objectives, and mission and then to provide investigative methodologies that enhance the sufficiency and appropriate of evidence for findings and recommendations. These solutions will help build your forensic investigative capacity to identify, manage, and mitigate risks to funds, programs, systems, and facilities.

Controls Testing

Identify gaps in policies and procedures through a careful examination of the design of system controls. Red and Blue Team testing will help you better understand your controls environment and to establish better policy and procedures to mitigate threats posed by bad actors. Our experts will can help you design solutions.

Vulnerability Assessments

Addressing unknown internal and external threats is not entirely uncommon and have the potential to wreak havoc on an organization’s reputation and liability. Regular vulnerability assessments can help protect your businesses data, programs, facilities, personnel, systems, as well as your bottom line from all manner of threats. Let us guide you!

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering and staying abreast of corporate, federal, and non-profit regulations can be cumbersome for large as well as small businesses and, unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse. If understanding your regulatory environment is not your strong suit, our experts can assist you in making sure your organization checks all the boxes.

Hotline Operations

Smart businesses and corporations are always one step ahead. Do not wait if you suspect any illegal uses of funds or any other illegal activity. Your investors and shareholders trust you. Even one scandal can imperil your relationship with them. In case of any fraudulent activities, it is vital you do not hesitate and get in touch with our consultants right away to get sound advice. Our available support will guide you through our procedure right away.

Forensic Investigations

Forensic investigations are designed within the scope methodology of financial, performance, and program audits to address specific needs for identifying sufficient and appropriate evidence for audit recommendations to identify vulnerabilities and improve controls. XGE Consultancy addresses your capacity needs – hiring, training, staff development and evaluation.

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We offer holistic organizational capacity and growth solutions

We can help you illuminate problems during financial, performance, program, and systems audits and provide illustrative and generalizable evidence for appropriate finding and recommendations.

Is your organization at its full potential?
Chances are, your organization is capable of having far greater impact on clients and stakeholders alike, by providing solutions that increase funds, facilities, programs, and systems more efficient and effective. Our capacity building strategists can help you develop scopes and methodologies that will command their attention.
Is your organizational development slow?
To become an industry leader is every organization’s ultimate goal. Achieving it requires intelligence and hard work. We come up with custom designed strategies for you that are aimed at fortifying and enhancing organization.
Is your business facing unusual challenges?
We have an unbroken record of helping businesses, corporations, international partners, and non-profit organizations in successfully tackling issues that are hindering their development. We see things from a different perspective and will help you uncover problems you might be overlooking.
Do any of the concerns listed above sound even remotely familiar?
You need to book a consultancy right away. We aid organizations in reaching their maximum potential and can help you too through our range of solutions.