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PS Vocational

Guiding injured workers to a new path

PS Vocational

Guiding injured workers to a new path

PS Vocational

Guiding injured workers to a new path

About Us

PS Vocational Consulting is a one-stop solution when it comes to guiding injured workers towards a new path that is possible, benefitting, and leading to new endeavors of success. Being in the field for the past 20 years, PS vocational consulting makes sure that your rehabilitation process, which is often quite complicated, becomes motivating and spellbinding. We help you choose a career and then prepare you for it, not just with compassion and empathy, but also with the right skills and tools required. We place you where you should be.

Why Choose Us?

PS Vocational Consulting ensures the smooth restoration of your skills, productivity, and competence by enabling you to choose the best for you. We believe that heading to a new career is a critical process that can be made easy with the right facilitation, and the right decisions taken at the right time.


Choose from hundreds of advanced training programs according to your aptitude and interest. The training program of your optimal will be customized as per your physical ability and choice of occupation.


We also provide equipment as electronic gadgets and more to ensure the smooth restoration of your vocational capability. Learn and earn at your own pace.


Time is money. We believe in providing highly responsive, responsible, and prompt assistance to all your queries and concerns. You ask, and we answer.


Return-to-work plans are customized as per your need and choice of career after meeting with you in person. All you need to think about is you.


Are you confused about how to apply for RTWSP? Do not worry; our team does that for you. We are just a call away.


We make sure that the representatives we hire to serve you are thorough professionals. They are experienced and qualified in-field individuals so that the journey back to work becomes pleasant and productive.

Diversified Services

 Our services are available to all injured workers who are looking for specific skills to be learned, jobs that can provide sustenance and satisfaction along with the proper use of voucher(s) in Northern California.


As a responsive and responsible return-to-work vocational consultancy, we offer:

Career Counseling

As you face uncertainty and change, our compassionate, experienced, highly professional, and qualified rehabilitation counselor will make sure that each step of the return-to-work journey is a result of your choice, faith, and confidence.

Assessment Testing

We help you build the career you choose. But first, we help you choose it. Our experts will guide you in selecting an occupation that is appropriate for your skills, interests, and physical competence.

Training Programs

Choose from a wide range of new courses that can help you build a lucrative and appealing career once again. Whether it is finding your dream job or finishing a degree, we make sure you are never unaccompanied.

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