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Steve Abbruzzi

STEVE ABBRUZZI comes from a family legacy of Pastors, spaning over four generations. Steve and his precious wife Josie, have been married 40 years. Together, they have three children, and eleven grandchildren. They have served the Lord as a couple, since first meeting in their church youth group over 42 years ago.


Marriage Ministry

Steve and Josie are dedicated Ministers, to the building up of Marriages, with the prayerful continuation of Moms and Dads that will lead their families righteously and serve the Lord with Gladness.


The Best is Yet to Come

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future, is for those who may feel like they are at the end of themselves and can’t go any further. Hang on help is on the way.


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Active member of Christian Counselors
Marriage Mentoring Academy


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