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Whether you’re Charter is for Dolphin Watching, Deep Sea Fishing, or Jetties Fishing,
You’ll Enjoy the Ride! Our New 38’ Fountain is Fast and Fun! This Boat was built for long range fishing trips, and for speed!

“We can easily reach the Flower Gardens Reef and well beyond, even out to the Sword Fishing Grounds when conditions are right. It’s fast, roomy Center Console with lots of comfortable Seating, and extremely well equipped for fishing”“We can easily reach the Flower Gardens Reef and well beyond, even out to the Sword Fishing Grounds when conditions are right. It’s fast, roomy Center Console with lots of comfortable Seating, and extremely well equipped for fishing”

Capt. Lee


A Story By Captain Lee

I was born in Orange Texas, where there used to be a Hospital. I started fishing around the same time I started walking, apparently. My dad, Leroy Gomez, didn’t allow me, as a child, to cast with my right hand. He explained that I would miss my chance to set the hook while moving my rod to my left hand from my right hand. He was right! I’ve been casting left and reeling with my right, ever since! When I buy a spinning reel, I switch the handle to the right side of the reel from the left. That’s what is natural. Otherwise it’s awkward for me. I can do it… But it just feels wrong! We’ve fished nearly everywhere along the Sabine River from Nichols Creek, down to the North end of Sabine Lake, Cow Bayou, Conway Bayou, Big Bayou, Blacks Bayou, Greens Bayou, Louisiana Game Reserve, Sabine Lake and Jetties. My Great Grandfather Roy Rumery and wife Ella May, and her father Dulva Leblanc enjoyed Life together in their golden years living on Cow Bayou. They Ran a small marina with a launch and a few slips. There were a few shrimp boats and a crabber or two renting dock space.

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Offshore Fishing Trips and Rates

Private Boat Rides and Tours

$300 for up to 6 Passengers

Take a Fast and Fun Boat Ride in our 38 Foot, High Performance 1200 Horse Mercury Marine Powered Fountain fishing machine! See the Dolphins! Check out the Shrimp Boat Fleets! Watch the Ships come in! See the industrial explosion under way at the mouth of the Sabine River! Bring your favorite beverages and playlists and make this trip your own! This boat is Fast, Fun and comfortable! Also, very quiet, depending how loud you like your music, of course. Just call to schedule and let us Customize Your Private Family, Company, or Personal Cruise!

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Half Day Jetties Fishing Charters

$650 for up to 6 Passengers

Don’t forget your Texas Redfish Tag!!! You might catch a giant! We’ll go after what’s biting the best. Our Sabine Jetties is truly a fishermen’s paradise, seemingly hidden from the rest of the world! Local anglers enjoy this secluded fishing hotspot that isn’t overcrowded with boats. It’s a great place to catch a meal, and potentially a trophy size Flounder, Speckled Trout, or monster sized Bull Red! So, don’t forget your redfish tag! You’ll need it if you want to bring a big Redfish home! Other Tasty fish at the Jetties include, Sand Trout, Spanish Mackerel, and the smaller Black Drum. Also, the very delicious Triple Tail can be caught in close from time to time. Sharks, and giant Black Drum may graze on our fresh bait too!

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8 Hour Offshore Fishing Charter

$1800 for up to 6 passengers

Go Offshore to Catch Red Snapper, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Triple-Tail and Mahi-Mahi We’ll troll, drift, or drop anchor to fish over Shipwrecks, Rocks, and Reefs, including Man Made Reefs that have become thriving habitats for many Sport Fishermen and Seafood Lover’s Favorites! We’ll also be fishing around Shrimp Boats, Oil Rigs, and any Weed Lines along the way out, up to 50 miles or so! We’ll tempt them to bite with the best available frozen and Live Bait, as well as the both hard plugs and soft plastic Trolling Lures, and Jigs! You’ll also enjoy fishing with our high quality Shimano rods and reels that can handle whatever takes the bait!

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10 Hour Charter

$2100 for up to 6 passengers

Take the Extra Time to Go the Extra 20 to 30 Miles to fish over Deeper Wrecks, Rocks, and Under-Water Obstructions that have proven to produce Larger Red Snapper, Kings, Cobia, Amberjack, Vermillion Snapper, B-liners, Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, and Sailfish! Extra time can be added if you want to stay a little longer, when the bite is on! The farther out we go the bigger the fish and variety of fish in general. Or we can use the extra time to check out a few honey extra honey holes on the way back, Depending on the Bite!

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