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For over a decade, SF Electric has been installing the most efficient and reliable systems in numerous areas across the Canada. Checking off all the boxes of supreme service quality, you can count on us to install a system that fuels the functionality of all your appliances at their very best. From charging your lights to powering your heavy machines, SF Electric supports every item at your premises incomparably well.

Why Choose Us?

Your faith in us won’t ever be disappointed! Our emphasis on enhancing our services every day has led us to achieve the pinnacle of finesse.

  • Top-quality Instruments And Resources
  • Insured Electricians And Experts
  • Round The Clock Assistance
  • Quick Installation Services
  • Guaranteed Safety Standards

Our Team

With the most skilled and experienced team of professionals looking after our operations, we take pride in calling them ours. From bringing together the most qualified technicians on-board to establishing a group of highly motivated management squad, we work with the best in the business. And so, our services reflect the quality of these resources like nothing else!

Electric Installation Services

You can find our team of electricians right at your doorstep any time you reach out to us. Get your electric system set up from scratch and get all your appliances fully active today!

Electric Panel Upgrades

We’re here to upgrade all the outdated systems so you don’t have to worry about any electric issues causing damage to your appliances.


Repair And Maintenace Services

For all the times that your electric system malfunctions, we are only a call away! No matter how major or minor the damage is, we fix it without wasting a second!



What Do We Do?

We ensure your electric systems are up and running always. From introducing the most effective electric systems at your premises to fixing any sort of issues in them, our assistance is readily available at all times.

At Your Disposal Right Away!

We invest the cream of our resources into giving you a service that will benefit you for a long time.

• Electric Installation Services • Electric Panel Upgrade • Repair And Maintenance Services

Our Vocational Highlights

We have taken on some major projects that stand with us as the high points of our career. Our arduous efforts and the intent to serve you beyond your expectations have always been our driving force. Have a look at a few of them to get to know our work better!

• EV Charger Installation • Generator Installation • Newly Constructed Homes Electric Installation • Solar Power Paneling • Wiring and Knob Replacement • Commercial Electric Installation

The Milestones To Date

Our journey through the decade has marked some noteworthy achievements that make us proud every day!

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