Risky Events

We are an adult oriented party planning group providing everything you need to make your event a little frisky.

The company was formed in 2019 by a group of friends who were tired of looking for event planners we didn’t feel comfortable talking to about the parties we wanted.

We’ve all been in the food and beverage industry and we’ve always had to book mild, uneventful parties. These jobs are great for some but, we are all a little more on the fringe of entertainment and we think there are a lot of people that feel the same as we do.

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May 18, 2020

These guys wanted an epic event that no one would ever forget. We designed a party for the guys with entertainers that went from mild to wild and a champagne toast at the strike of midnight. This is when things started to get really risky. These guys partied until early morning when they all returned to their hotel rooms. The girls were the best of the best and kept everyone "entertained" all night!
May 18, 2020

We were wild and risky from the time the party started. This event had everything anyone could ask for. Male entertainers, female entertainers, drinks flowing all night. Since these events are private, in most areas we are able to serve alcohol all night. This event was completely private so we were able to provide security for the party and only allow people with invitations and their guests access. We provided everything the host of the party wanted.
May 21, 2020

The guys and girls of this party were crazy from start to finish. From the first minute the party started we had the dance lighting and DJ's pushing out the best dance music around. I will tell you nothing was forbidden at this event! Again, the host of the party wanted to have a completely private event and our security stepped up and made sure the party was very exclusive and safe for everyone.


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John B
Virgi nia Beach, VA

Oh man, this party was awesome! It was my
Best friend’s bachelor party and everything was great.
Girls were beautiful, drinks were big and strong and music
Made us dance all night. HIGHLY recommended

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Tampa, FL

As a gay couple we were a little skeptical of having some
Party planning company handle our bachelor party.
We got in touch with Risky Events and we were totally blown away
With how professional and understanding the whole staff was.
They gave us the exact party we wanted and our friends
Especially enjoyed the entertainment! We were married
1 week later and all our friends were talking about the
Party and completely ignoring us! LOL

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Angela and Trish
Memphis, TN

We’re a lesbian couple in a town not know to be Especially open minded. We got in touch with ***** At Risky events to see if they’d be willing to handle A party for us. They had no problem with it and Made the party great. Nice to know businesses Are cool with the lesbian community!

Default Avatar55
Austin, TX

My girls and I had some muscle men,
A band, and danced all night!
Thank you Risky Events!
We will be having another party with you soon.