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Your viewpoint Research Recruitment offers Consumers and Business Owners, throughout Australia, the opportunity to register and give their opinions on products and services on various topics.

Participants are reimbursed for their time and participation.

It only takes a minute to register, and we DON'T on-sell any information you provide.

This is a great chance to participate, to have a say and play a vital part in the decisions that Companies make about their products and services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you only offer Research in Sydney?

No, Yourviewpoint Research Recruitment offers Research opportunities throughout Australia. Whilst Sydney Research is held more frequently, all the major Capital Cities are also available. Regional areas do offer Paid Research as well. These areas include Newcastle, NSW Central Coast, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Wollongong, Cairns, Toowoomba and other QLD regional areas are also popular.

2What is Market Research?

Market research is an evaluation tool that is essential to determine the understanding and relationship between a Company and the Consumer. This type of Research is widely used by various Companies, Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Associations and others in order to obtain valuable feedback about existing and future Products/Services.

Manufacturers and retailers are very interested in their consumers opinions, with many Companies constantly developing ideas for new products and services to meet consumer needs. The field of Market Research is constantly evolving due to the increasing pursuit for excellence.

3What role does Yourviewpoint have in Market Research?

Yourviewpoint solely recruits respondents from registrations received via the online registration form. We evaluate potential candidates for each Discussion Group by asking specific questions associated to the Research available. All information gathered throughout this process determines eligibility for participation.

4How long do the Discussion Groups go for?

The Discussion Groups vary from 1-2 hours and respondents are usually reimbursed in cash for their time and participation. The duration of available Discussion Groups are outlined in the recruitment process.