Communication Service

What is the PCS program? It is an innovative service for professionals (doctors, lawyers, counselors, and consultants) which enables them to expand their practice or business in a financially productive manner. It provides a means for your patients or clients to call you via our toll free number, without your personal phone number being revealed. We track every minute they speak with you, collect a per minute fee from them and pay you monthly for your time. Through our system, you can set your schedule as to when you would be available to talk. And you can talk from anywhere your cell phone has service.

Our Pay Plans

You can turn your cell phone into a cash register with our Professional Communication Service.


Benefits of our Professional
Communication Service

  1. 1. It expands your practice or business.
  2. 2. It enables you to provide assistance to your clients/patients, often when they need to speak with you the most. It isn’t always critical, but to them it is always important.
  3. 3. Being available, especially after hours, makes a strong statement to your clients/patients that you do care about them, which strengthens the relationship.
  4. 4. The calls can be scheduled or unscheduled, depending on the situation.
  1. 5. It is certainly more convenient for your clients. Rather than having to commute through traffic and/or bad weather in order to speak with you, they can relax in their own space and be more focused.
  2. 6. You can help them from wherever you may be, making it easier for you also.
  3. 7. You control your availability. Through our system you can set the time parameters for accepting calls.
  4. 8. You do not have to worry about keeping track of the time you spent with the client for billing purposes. Our system explains the pay per minute arrangement to them when they call, secures their credit or debit card information and charges them at the conclusion of the call. For future calls, the system coordinates their caller ID with their credit/debit card information, to more expeditiously forward their call to you.
  5. 9. Your personal cell number is never disclosed to those that call you. It is kept private.
  6. 10. You receive a check every month and call summary for the time you spent with your clients on the phone through our system.
  7. 11. There is NO CASH OUT-OF-POCKET to sign-up for this service. The company even provides you with promotional materials at no charge. There is a $29 monthly service fee which is deducted from your monthly revenue check.