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NIMZ HR CORP is a staffing and recruiting assistance agency with the expertise to create, suggest and create better matches for a professional position.
We are building bridges with better connectivity between the company and employees with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity in the respected fields. Our categories of services include:

Our vast connections help us find you long term and short term staffing even in a tight budget. we make sure of any specifications our clients have mentioned along with the facility of instant joining for the position.
Leave the extensive processes of hiring and sorting out candid applications to us, just send us the role requirements and we will accommodate the rest of the processes and suggest the most suitable candidate for the role.
Recruitment is a process that requires a sharp eye and great judgment skills. Our vast connections help us hunt talent and offer better opportunities crucial for the growth in the career.

Why Choose Us?


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1Why should I submit an application to a staffing agency? How do you get me a job?

As a staffing and recruiting agency many companies contact us as resources for hiring people for them at several positions. With us, you will submit your resume at once and our team will match you with the compatible position. We receive several position requests every day, hence allowing us to connect you with opportunities. Another benefit of submitting your resume with us that you will be included in our recruiting list. .

2Do you arrange Freelance work or the Freelancers?

We do not actively provide freelance opportunities in its sense. However, we transfer and receive requests for short term projects with time duration of 4months and above.

3What are your criteria for selecting a candidate for the company?

The basis of our selecting criteria depends on the role requirement by the company. As a middle man between the companies and candies looking for jobs, we intend to connect these two compatibilities without much hassle. .

4What are your charges for the candid?

The service charge for submitting a resume is null.