About Us

At My Recruitment Team our mission is to be your own on-demand recruitment partner. We provide organisations with scalable, cost-effective and on-demand recruitment, mobilization and employment verification solutions.

Whether you need an internal resource to assist with the planning, delivery and execution of a project or you need recruitment support, human resource advice or employment verification we are here when you need us.

We offer an efficient and seamless experience that integrates with your systems, processes and the way you do things – we’re not out to reinvent the wheel. We do things your way right down to the size and font of our emails.

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Recruitment Process Insourcing (RPI)

I’m sure you have heard of outsourcing before. We don’t like that word around here.
We like to think of ourselves as providers of insourced recruitment solutions. Simply put we take the pain away from key recruitment and HR functions – how much you want us to take away, that’s up to you. We find that traditional outsourcing models transfer key services away from your business while we ensure that you have clear visibility of our services and feel in complete control of the process.

My Recruitment Team is an extension of your business and can offer full-cycle end-to-end professional human resource and recruitment solutions or tailored packages to suit your needs. We bring a team of experienced recruitment and HR professionals with the skills, technology, tools and knowledge to help your business succeed. The best thing about us is that all of our services can be unbundled to the essential services you require – you only pay for what you need!

My Recruitment Team is an on-demand resource that you can utilize as and when you need it. Our services are prompt and responsive and we can assist you in scaling your operation when you need us.

Whether you have just been awarded a major project or you’ve got your key performers assigned to another account and need to maintain consistent service to your clients – we’re there to help!

Our team is committed to providing cost effective and collaborative solutions to see your business succeed.

Insourced Recruitment

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Interviewing
  • Reference Checking
  • Mobilization
  • Medical and Drug & Alcohol Screening
  • Skills and Competency Matrixes
  • Complete Recruitment/Mobilization/HR solutions.

Unbundled Solutions

  • Just needing support in one area? We’ve got you covered.
  • We can provide bulk interview/recruitment packages, high volume reference checking to client specification or manage your mobilizations from start to finish to let you focus on other business

Insourced Recruitment

  • Do you have an unplanned peak in hiring requirements?
  • Is your recruitment team overworked and needing support?
  • Do you have your key staff assigned to another account and don’t want to drop your service elsewhere?
  • We are ready to assist you with a range of on-call options!
  • Rapid access to a range of specialist recruiters that know your industry.
  • Proven on demand model with a national network of experienced and efficient recruiters.
  • Access to a vast knowledge base of recruitment systems, strategies and campaigns to ensure your projects are executed successfully and ahead of time.
  • My Recruitment Team becomes an extension of your business and we do things the way you do!
  • We are fast, efficient and scale with your operations.
  • A great option for those fast-paced, short-notice recruitment requirements.
  • Use us as little or as long as your requirements demand and only pay for what you need.




What are you waiting for? Get My Recruitment Team to assist you today!