A personalized approach for each client
  • We start from the place and the moment in which you are TODAY
  • Together, we define the topics to be discussed and inquire about your organization's complexity and your leadership style
  • Supported by an appreciative inquiry process, we discover your abilities, strengths, opportunities, and aspirations 
  • We explore your area of influence to define measurable and lasting achievements 
  • We use tools and assessments to establish coherence between your leadership style and your organizational values

About Me

Hello, I am Patricia Madueno, Thinking Partner and Executive Systemic Coach; I accompany entrepreneurs and business executives to thrive through the many challenges of the increasingly volatile environments in local and global organizations. My experience lies in 30 years of multicultural team leadership for Fortune500 companies, where I consolidated the global development of products and services, challenging traditional mindsets, fostering innovation, and collaboration. My methodology blends appreciative and systemic inquiry with results-oriented leadership development principles.

My Clients

  • Leaders aiming to attain their next level of thinking in solving complex organizational challenges
  • Executives needing to fine-tune their adaptability, leadership, decision-making, or communication skills to succeed in an increasingly agile and complex world
  • High-potential leaders facing a career change by taking on assignments with greater P&L responsibilities, team management, or meeting an international appointment
  • Successful professionals in between jobs or disjunctions in corporate roles due to mergers or acquisitions
  • Entrepreneurs starting new business ventures

Latest Blogs

The best coach we can have is life itself, and all our daily experiences have a purpose. Whether it’s revealing what seemed invisible, showing us interconnections, or teaching something we needed to learn. This blog intends to connect with you by sharing life and work experiences and learnings that serve as inspiring opportunities for self-discovery, personal empowerment, and transformation.

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