Never Stay Behind,In Pushing People Forward

Helping People Move Forward to a Better Tomorrow

Welcome to the Moving Forward Foundation! Moving Forward is an initiative that begun when we looked closely around us; so many people live under secured roofs but are unable to provide for themselves. Single parents that have a choice to live under a secure roof, or provide essentials like education to their children. Low income families barely getting through, only having enough resources to survive from pay-check to pay-check.

We saw all this pain, and wanted to change it. We created a space that offered affordable houses to low income groups, or single parents so they can live a normal unburdened life. If you’re struggling with affording a house for your family, you’ve come to the right place.


Providing Safe and
Affordable Places You can call Home

Living in a secure housing facility is a luxurious dream to low income families – they can either afford the luxury of renting a safe house, or spend whatever little they earn on education, food and utilities.

It’s excruciating to see the people around us yearning for better lives, but never being able to achieve it. In this economy, where expenses are breaking through the ceilings but incomes are slow and steady, we have decided to provide housing solutions that are affordable and gives people a chance at living their lives free of the fear of too much debt.