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Integrating Health, Safety and Wellness

Work Health & Safety

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce, regardless of the work they do or where they are working.

Human Factors

Human Factors Engineering is a specialist field of safety that looks at how systems, machine, and environment interact with human capabilities, limitations and characteristics.

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Designed to make the highest standards of safety services accessible and affordable with tailored solutions to fit any budget.

Business Integration

A unique way of combining Safety, Health and Wellness into business practices to achieve positive worker and employer safety experiences.

About Us

Emma is a multi-talented professional with 20 years’ experience in occupational safety roles; she is passionate about helping businesses through the integration of Safety, health, human factors, and wellbeing management practices to achieve safer, happier, and productive workplaces.

Emma turns innovative ideas into realities, working with businesses to build on current processes and discover strategies for improvement and growth.

Specialising in Human Factors, Risk Management Systems, Operational Safety Strategy and Psychosocial Risk Mitigation, Emma helps bring together the technical and personal aspects of workplace health and Safety to deliver holistic safety management frameworks for organisations.

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