Maryjane Supply Company established and begins development on several product ventures to serve the tobacco, cannabis and botanicals market



Maryjane Supply Company established and begins development on several product ventures to serve the tobacco, cannabis and botanicals market



Maryjane Supply Company debuts in Las Vegas at TPE19 Trade Show and CHAMPS Expo. Previewing RH STAYFRESH, The CRYPT Storage Cylinder System, The SLIM electric grinder and the new innovative smoking pipe the BLUNTSKI



Maryjane Supply Company established and begins development on several product ventures to serve the tobacco, cannabis and botanicals market

Building the World's Best Cannabis & Tobacco Accessory Company, One Brand at a Time.

Maryjane Supply Company is a leading global provider of cannabis & tobacco accessories, with a portfolio of brands that includes the BLUNTSKI, HERB CULTIVATORS, pak&stash, VAPELOGICS, The CRYPT, CANNABIS Bon Appetit and RH STAYFRESH.

With operations based in Temecula, California and a dedicated group of key team members, a network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, Maryjane Supply Company Inc. is a recognized leader in lifestyle accessory products.

Today, Maryjane Supply Company addresses the needs of tobacconists', cultivators, dispensary outlets, smoke and cigar shop owners, around the world with a strong portfolio of leading brands. We are dedicated to helping you have more fun in enjoying your particular herb or tobacco lifestyle.


Looking for a fresh way to smoke your botanicals or herb? Get to know the "new" BLUNTSKI™ from HERBS Of CULTURE™ which is a premium tool similar to a glass blunt or Glunt type, but still different in design and niftier than a regular hand pipe while being a lot safer than smoking with papers.

The Bluntski name comes from the fact that it is a glass cylinder with a metallic medical grade mouth piece that does what a blunt would: it tightly compresses and encases botanicals or herb for smoking. You'll be astonished at how convenient it is to use. The BLUNTSKI is small in size, easy to use, allows for accurate herb portions, provides great flavor and taste which has been designed with you in mind.


Herb Cultivators is the premium brand of "grow at home" accessories to fit your passion for growing herbs, spices and vegetables, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by experienced cultivators who share your commitment to home growing.


Pack & Stash were founded by passionate idealists. Their ingenious engineering has created alternatives in on the go" confident travel for carrying herb and tobacco related products. Our goal is to provide a reusable alternate to disposable plastic baggies, foil pouches and single use plastic containers all of which are not good for the eco system. pak & stash are revolutionary in design not only making what items you stash odor proof but, also provide a child resistant safety lock upon sealing the pak. pak&stash paks are made of pure silicone that is made from natural resources and are 100% plastic and BPA free with no fillers. This new line of pak&stash products firmly established our company at the forefront of today’s knowhow in providing sensible alternative’s to non-reusable storage packaging.


What’s the hottest social movement of the 20th century – you guessed it, vaping. So, what VAPELOGICS has done, is developed a line of vaporizers, covering the spectrum of users so, whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast we have a vaporizer for you. They are lightweight, compact and in design for ease of use where ever you may be. VAPELOGICS has designed its vaporizers with state-of-the-art heating methods and temperature controls, and quality battery life. Our vaporizers are exactly what they are supposed to be – advanced, superior and portable, all designed with the vape enthusiast in mind.


CRYPT is a leader in the design, manufacture, marketing of storage devices and freshness containment products routinely used by discriminating herb and tobacco enthusiasts the world over. Our product line extends to an array of consumers so whether you are a tobacconist, cigar smoker or user of various herb related product; like hemp or cannabis, the CRYPT brand has become a staple for every type of lifestyle. And Our storage cylinders have stood the test of time and continue to deliver quality products engineered for plant based storage for freshness and longevity.

Cannabis Bon Appetit

Cannabis Bon Appetite™ set out to create a company with the purpose of giving the home baker or maker of lotions and potions tools birthed from the most innovative appliance concepts and ideas available today. Each appliance, from Cannabis Bon Appetit™ is, unique and functional in design to be able to make baking and making with ease and convenience derived from detailed appliance engineering studies of working with special herb ingredients.


RH STAYFRESH™ uses proprietary molecular crystalline compound, which is impregnated with H2O, into multiple layered fiber type membranes. A process which is produced by a dipping method, under a charged compression technique. In turn creating a finished 2-way vapor phase osmosis pak, we call RH STAYFRESH. A pak which emits purified water vapor to manage freshness and alleviate risk of mold and other bacteria elements to plant based product such as; tobacco, cigar, hemp, cannabis and other botanical products


For over 3 years, Herbs Of Culture™ has becoming one of the most recognizable brands in accessories for tobacco and cannabis related retail segments. From its founding, Herbs of Culture company has been a leader in innovation, design, marketing and produces an array of popular accessories; such as our portable Slim electric hand grinder, our family of easy and safe storage devices, a new collection of odor free travel bags and a line of life style bamboo storage décor and unique on the go hand tools.