Metaltown & Hairworld


The best heavy metal bootlegs on earth!

Hello Metal Fans,

Welcome to Metaltown & Hairworld, a heavy metal lounge for hearing and seeing the best quality heavy metal bootleg footage on earth.

I’m William “Bootleg Billy” Walsh, founder of this showcase of the planet’s best metal bands, live and at their best. Since going to my first, life-changing concert by Black Sabbath at 13 years old (god bless my mother), I’ve been a passionate metal fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of its place in rock history, and a vast collection of personally curated videos.

Each video on the playlists has my personal take on the concert and interesting, fun facts and trivia for your reading pleasure.

You might be wondering about the name Metaltown & Hairworld. It’s taken from the old record and tape stores in most malls in America in the 80s. Recordtown and Tapeworld were right next to each other in the Maine Mall. Us mall rats would go there every Friday to get our music. Both stores had a great heavy metal section and were obviously the same business.

Get your concert on!
Bootleg Billy

In selecting videos for the playlists, I have the following criteria:

  1. Sound quality. First and foremost, is it good enough quality to be on a record? Not too much crowd noise.
  2. Artist’s performance. Is the singer performing well? Is the concert mix up to par?
  3. Video quality, can you see the artist’s faces? Can you see the light show? Are the pictures steady and not wobbly?
  4. Audience participation. Too much audience participation affects the quality of audio.
  5. All of this is taken into consideration with the respect to being how old the video is. A 1988 video cannot be expected to have the same quality as a 2018 video.