About Us

Assure to offer quality and long-lasting results

Since 1996, Chris has been offering expert painting services in this industry. After working alone for few years, he started his company named Lucky 7 Painting. His experience of 30 years in the Greater Cincinnati Area is commendable.

As a brand, employees at Lucky 7 Painting work with a collaborative approach. With a team of trusted individuals, we assure to provide you with the finest painting and modeling services. Whether you need a makeover at your residential or commercial location, we have the right practical knowledge.


Our Offerings

Exterior Painting

By giving a deep look to the subtle architectural details, we facilitate our clients with fully-tailored exterior painting services.

Interior Painting

From selecting the colors for your walls to the ceilings, we have years of experience that includes fine detailing and finishing touches.

Remodeling Services

We build, fix and change
Because we understand, changes begin at your place!

We meticulously plan and provide the quality craftsmanship throughout all stages. From a line of carpentry, we offer expertise to create a better functional space for you. By facilitating you with high-end services, we help you add more character to your commercial or residential projects.

Why Choose Lucky 7 Paint?

We don’t just paint, we give a makeover to your dream projects!

Our unique painting services are not limited to giving a fresh look to your place but we have hand-picked team of experts who make sure to prioritize your preference. Whether you want us to paint your whole commercial place or remodel your house, our intuitive approach will make it happen for you. Our highly-skilled staff will carry out the process so smoothly that you can pursue with your routine functions. We value your choices and our collaborative attributes sets us apart.


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We are the trusted and most experienced fine painting and remodeling service provider in the Greater Cincinnati Area. We provide quality services at each step.