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John Turben


John Turben is a renowned hypnotherapist who helped thousands of people resolve addiction and mental health issues and strive to appreciate life to the fullest. He is a graduate of lacrosse University of Wisconsin, lives in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, and has helped to build Iowa Behavioral Clinic in Des Moines, Iowa.

John’s motivational speeches will help you immerse yourself in knowing your past and make use of your power as a leader. You're going to learn to describe yourself and your goals. You'll learn how to envision your life and govern your mindset, yet transform thoughts into courage, strength, kindness, empathy and self-love.


If You want to be Successful Its just this simple, Know What you are doing, love what you are doing. and believe in what you are doing

Are you, or someone you know, battling a losing war of addiction, trauma, or other struggles? Motivational speaker and therapist John Turben successfully rescued himself from addiction and suffering and today he is sharing his motivation to help individuals ease their pain once and for all.

John's guide to contentment offers compelling techniques for the audience to make life successful. He urges people to associate themselves with meaningful and compassionate thoughts. He will make you reflect back into the realm of motivation and the possibility of having the capacity to execute the goals within yourself.

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"Unlock the warrior spirit by intense self-discovery and dynamic mental health exercise."



"Read John Turben’s upcoming new book, “HOW TO LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE IN SPITE OF YOURSELF”

You owe it to yourself to read this little book by Therapist John Turben, no matter how old you may be. It's filled with insight to help us overcome the roadblocks life throws at us, put the past wounds behind us and learn how to lead a peaceful, healthy life.

“Good things come in small packages.” Let this book inspire you to change your life.

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