Clientele through their OPEX transformation while also focusing on strategic management and operational leadership. We will establish strategic goals and create the supporting implementation plans. If you need a sustainable business transformation, ITC is the answer! We are a boutique consulting firm with a team of highly experienced and talented experts. Our experts coach a network of sophisticated clientele while majorly focusing on strategic management and organizational leadership to help them plan their careers and set future goals. We take pride in having an experienced and professional team of leaders who have walked the walk and have gone through multiple transformations. We have specialists who are trained to provide high-quality services in niche consulting topics. We understand the highs and lows you might face in your pursuit to reach your goals. Our integrity and values enable our professionals to work side by side with you to unlock the real potential in you and guide you through the process. Using our hands-on approach, we implement sustainable changes that result in operational and cultural improvements for your company.


Instead of our roots lie in manufacturing and our SMART IDEAS process has delivered drastic KPI improvements. We have also built our reputation by delivering in both traditional and non-traditional manufacturing environments. Approximately 50% of our client-partner relationships are returning customers.


Designing more effective Pick, Pack, and Ship operations to meet sizable shifts in demand for “peak seasons”, ITC has been instrumental in standardizing processes for flexibility and sustainment. Our client’s requirements have ranged from 250 picks per day to over 15,000.


At ITC, our smart ideas help you improve access, quality, and consumer experience. We have industry leaders in value-based and patient-centric healthcare. Along with that, we have a team of healthcare experts with mind-blowing capabilities to deliver fact-based solutions and provide strategic, operational, and organizational advises. We help you drive innovative ideas, engage patients and staff and maximize your growth potential.


We have experts with extensive consulting experience with consulting, buying & selling businesses and trade-sale preparation; we excel in providing transaction advisory services to a our clientele, and we can surely do it for you! We assist companies and entrepreneurs with detailed growth funding solutions. Our superior knowledge and practical experience enables us to make initial implementations with advance strategical consultancy.

Why Insite?

Why choose us? Well what you read about Operational Excellence and Lean has been written or delivered by people who have not walked in your shoes. They may have studied Toyota and the Toyota Production system but have they ever worked in a facility, office, workshop etc. that has been through a Lean Transformation?

The answer is NO! It is quite a bit different to transform a “brownfield “company to a new way of thinking than it is to simply state this is what Toyota does. That is the ITC difference! WE have successfully completed OPEX transformations over and over again globally.

All members of our team have personally experienced the changes associated with Lean Transformations, first as shop floor associates, and later as leaders of organizations. Collectively we have led over 2500 kaizens teams for our client base around the globe. We have seen and faced many of the same challenges you will be faced with on your journey to Operational Excellence.



ITC has been instrumental in standardizing processes for flexibility and sustainment. Using our hands-on approach and Standard Work we
implement sustainable changes that result in operational and cultural improvements for your company.


At ITC, we know what we excel at. Accountability and communication are the key elements in our approach. We take
total ownership in everything we do!




At ITC, we have a thorough focus on people engagement because we believe in the power of human collaboration Participation
is vital in change and the sustainment of improvement engaging all levels of operations is absolutely key

Development of Associates

We focus on developing your associates to be problem solvers. The most important asset in business is the
PEOPLE. Developing team members to improve or enhance their talents is in the DNA of ITC



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