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Hire Tablets – the perfect

Tablet Rental solution!

With 10 years of experience serving in the IT field, Hire Tablets knows the exact formula of catering your tablet rental needs. We say this with immense pride that our iPad rental company has served hundreds of clients in the past and hopes to keep doing so in the future as well.

We offer a large range of tablet rental products. This range includes both old and new products. Don't be surprised when you see a "rent iPad 3” option and a “rent iPad 9.7” option on the same page. This is because we believe in serving all types of clients with the best tablet hire services. In an attempt to full fill this target, we keep iPad Hire options of all types. If a customer with a tight budget requests to rent iPad, we will have just the solution ready for them. Similarly, if a client with no particular budget restrictions comes to us, we will recommend them Apple iPad rentals that are relatively newer models. Both the new and old models have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that make it important for us to know exactly what you need to rent iPad for.

Confused about your tablet rental?

Are you unsure about which generation of iPad rental to opt for? No need to worry about it, our experts are here to help you make up your mind. You can talk to our rental consultant who is always available to respond to your queries in the chatbox. We will give you personalized and customized tablet hire support immediately.

However, if you don’t feel like chatting, we will give you a general overview of how we help clients in their consultation.


Are you looking for a simple device without any “pro” specifications in it? The iPad mini is the perfect option for you then. It is a small and simple device great for light, daily use. Most of our clients who hire tablets of this kind are general users. Usually, they are traveling, or want it for home use to just sit back and relax. It is great for kids to download their favorite game and play and for adults if they want to listen to some music, browse the web, or read a book. Since it is a small, lightweight device made for relatively simple functions, it is easy on the pocket too!


Looking for something other than an iPad? We also stock surface tablet rentals. This piece of technology is as slim as any tablet but it is more versatile. It has powerful software that will let you perform a range of activities and has a convertible structure. The two in one feature means you can one moment have a laptop and then switch to a tablet the next moment if you feel like it!


Are you looking for excellent graphics, and horsepower packed behind that smooth touch screen? Look no farther than the iPad Air and iPad 4g with retina display. We would recommend you to hire tablets such as these powerful ones from us. They serve as great devices for point of sale purposes, have impressive graphics, can handle tasks that require some extra juice from your device.

Still confused about the most appropriate iPad hire? Get in touch with our tablet rental consultant right away.

Full-service iPad rental Company

Renting iPads is something that we have been doing for a while now. With time, we have tried to upgrade our services to serve you in the best way possible. After years and years of experience in the industry, we have finally become a full-service providing entity. We have branches all around the globe and deliver internationally. Renting iPads from us has never been this effortless!

Find our iPad rental company in your region

We have several regions checked where we provide our rental services. Some of the major places are:

  • . Rent iPad England serving the major city, rent iPad London
  • . Rent iPad Australia
  • . IPad hire Europe - we serve iPad rental France & iPad hire Paris
  • . IPad hire UK
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Delivery to your doorstep

The whole purpose of opting for a rental is to seek ease and avoid the hassle. After you opt for our Apple iPad rentals, you don’t have to be bothered with the delivery process. You will not have to visit our store or any other location to collect your requested item – we do it for you. Probably the only effort you need to put in is the ordering process itself. Once the tablet hire order is confirmed, we will take it from there and hand you the product ourselves. Whether it is a hotel you are staying at or your home, we deliver to all areas. Just send us the location, we can do the rest! Hire iPad Australia, hire iPad London made simple!

Accessories available

UK iPad hire doesn’t just support tablet rental. As a full-service iPad rental company, we also provide accompanying accessories to the iPad so that with these accompanying accessories, you can get the full iPad experience and get the best out of your rental. At Hire Tablets, it doesn’t matter what state or city you are in. Being a global service, you can rent iPad Paris, iPad rental Swiss, iPad hire England, and so on along with desired accessories. Whether it is an event you are renting it for or personal use, chances are you will need accessories that are compatible with the iPad. You can check out what we have to offer from our list of iPad accessories in the tab above. Once you find your desired one, place an order right away!

Special requests

Hire Tablets believes in customized experience. It only makes sense to do so because everyone has differing requirements and what works for one client may not work for the other. If you have a special request such as a customization to the rental, please contact us. We will try our best to help you!


What sets us apart?

We aspire to be the number one renowned service internationally. Our team works with immense dedication and to set our service apart from others. We believe there are three key areas of our iPad rental service that are instrumental in developing a solid relationship with you, our customers.

Focus on the experience

Your experience with Hire Tablets matters a great deal to us. We are always striving to provide you a simple, one-stop like solution so that the next time you require a rental, you get in touch with us immediately. From the second you visit our webpage to the moment you get your order delivered, we want the rental to be the least of your worries. There is another aspect involved in great experience: the rented product itself. When you get an iPad from us we don't want you to regret he decision at any cost, and we can guarantee you won't – all thanks to our quality assurance department.

Lightning-fast service

It is no secret that the time take to process and deliver a rental is one of the biggest pain points. We aim to target by providing a service so fast that you will be glad you chose iPad hire London from us. We storage areas located throughout the region so that as soon as we get an order, it can be dispatched from the closes store right away. So for example, if you are looking for a London iPad hire on an urgent basis, we have got it covered for you!

No compromise on quality

Rental is no good if the actual product turns out to be of poor quality or outdated. Lagging, freezing screens are always annoying and are an indicator of poor maintenance. Nit from us, though. When you receive a product from us, it will always be in excellent condition, both hardware and software-wise. Hire Tablets is a mark of quality – we never deliver anything less than the best!

What is an iPad rental used for?

There is no shortage of uses for iPad rentals, but we will only list the most popular ones below.

  • Trade shows
  • Kiosks
  • Point of sale devices
  • Classrooms and educational institutes
  • Interactive displays
  • Presentations
  • Traveling
  • Festivals and corporate events

Special offer only by Hire Tablets

A rental should not cost you an arm and a leg. They should be affordable and ease your worries. As a part of our approach to cater to every type of customer and offer them the best experience, we slash our rental prices as much as possible. The delivery charges charged by us only cover the amount we need to pay forward – we do not make a profit from them.

We have launched a new offer of giving 5% off to our new customers. iPad rental can’t get any cheaper!