Wonder What Keeps Us Thriving? Let’s Get Into It!

Our advanced treatment and Naturopathic products to receive instant healing keeps us growing. We promote optimal health by fueling unique potential of an individual to get the most out of it.



At Wellness That Works Now, We Make Self-Healing Possible!

By keeping it absolutely simple and natural, we are a company that offers organic remedies and testing that addresses self-healing. Dr. Ron Davis, being an expert naturopath offer a variety of flower essences, personalized medicines and bioenergetics test to help you achieve optimal health goals.


Want To Know More About Our Modern Techniques? Here You Go!

We believe in natural care. That’s why we’ve merged the benefits flower essence with our modern technique to heal people.


Natural Products

We provide organically sourced and certified organic (naturally extracted) products.


Our comprehensive inspection, testing, and verification is the reason behind the global certification.

Modern Engineering

Due to diverse nature of the products we use modern engineering and techniques.

Lab Tested

Our products are quality assured to make sure you get the premium quality.

No Chemicals

To keep it all organic and help you heal naturally, we add no chemicals or preservatives.


Our Offerings

Our natural and advanced offerings help you achieve better health.


Bioenergetics Testing

With our bioenergetics testing, you can identify the body stress and its response to various stress domains. By determining the clear symptoms of the problem, it also helps in assessing the root of the sickness.

Flower Essences

Our natural flower essences are gentle yet effective in deep emotional and spiritual healing. They have the ability to promote and influence our thoughts and emotions. Our naturally extracted flower essences are ideal to heal any physical or mental disorder.

Personalized Medicine

Our personalized medicine for every patient is passed through deep testing and interpretation to make sure it effectively meets the standard of naturopathic medicine. For your immune system to any mental sickness, we offer personalized medicines for multiple health issues.

Clients’ Feedback

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