Straight cut. Straight talk.

Hair Aware is simply the smartest way to care for your hair. Think of it as a dating service for your hair, Find the perfect Barbershop or Salon . Whatever your style is,you can research it here & match your preferences with the perfect establishment. Always a VIP treatment for your hair.


Created with the intent to connect clients with their perfect matched salon or barbershop. A fun and easy way to keep your routine on lock. Wishing for a cleaner, easier, smarter way to get the ritual done.

Hair Aware is a tool that provides a simple fun solution to your weekly or monthly experience.

Clients Benefits


If you're a Salon or Barbershop owner, joining Hair Aware can help your reach. Click here to sign up to be a partnered business today (@link for salon sign-ups).

Hair Aware wants to provide the opportunity to the talented professionals at Salons and Barber shops to display to the world their expertise, to show what they are capable off, to share their ART and market their businesses and their products.

We want them, to make that customers AWARE of their existence by sharing and interacting in an APP that can be utilized for advertising, research or as a marketing tool.

  • Build hour Own Collage
  • List your services and expertize
  • Advertise special deals for your customers
  • Once you are signed up in the APP you are part of the Hair Aware network Map and can be searched and found by potential customers.
  • Shine on the network map by upgrading and enjoy enhanced views from customers.