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Our clients depend on us for building an emblem of their future where they can grow old and enhance lifelong evocation.
A mutual understanding, reliability, and trust make our bond with clients lasting.

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Gaurya Homes is an emerging construction and development company in Melbourne Australia offering affordable, comfortable, and future-proof architecture services to its client, tailored to their specifications. An idea of erecting a sustainable living for people, a place they can own and build their dream project, gave birth to Gaurya Homes in the premier construction and development sector.

Our promise to deliver the final project in a timely manner becomes an eccentric aim of our contractors, developers, constructors, and architects. Adhering to cost-effective production and standard quality material, our resources make your experience working with us commendable!

Work together on a project and experience a result-oriented projection designed and constructed for you, only YOU!

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Our services include, but not limited to, construction, development, renovation, remodeling, and maintenance of your property. Productively optimizing your investment by bringing your envisioned and dream project into reality; we deliver the best of our proficiency.

Custom Homes

Custom homes aren't built with bricks and concrete; they are built with unlimited discussions, specifications, and requirements. We make sure you get what you exacted!

House & Land

Our approach to cost-effective and affordable housing and land development is pragmatic and adopted with the latest tools and resources we own. We comprehend what initially entails our projection!

Unit Development

Combining varied and compatible lands, we develop units such as residential, commercial, and industrial. It is a community that reflects more of a condo, townhomes, and family residence.

Land Development

Diversified evaluation, designing, planning, engineering, and construction to improvise the complex landscape to make it efficient and sustainable. It's our field of challenges and opportunities!



Our contribution to the premier and futuristic construction sector has been invigorating. We have accomplished renowned and reckoned projects for our valued clients in making their living tranquil.

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Our well-versed team of consultants is available around the clock to respond to any queries you shall have. Be it building a new house or renovating the existing one, our experts guide you step-by-step throughout the procedure.


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