Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide governments (federal, state and local) and private individuals with the highest quality polygraph examination services available.

GPA is a professional business that exists to provide ethical and evidence-based detection of deception using the polygraph. GPA consists of professional polygraph examiners who share a common commitment to the public interest through the quality, consistency, and performance of valid and ethical polygraph practices.



Luis Nieto III, Polygraph Examiner, Owner

Mr. Nieto is a former government employee in the intelligence field. He has extensive experience and specialized training in polygraph, interviewing, interrogation, and vulnerability assessment. He has conducted and quality controlled numerous polygraph examinations, interviews, interrogations and investigations for federal government.


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Our Services

U.S. Federal Government

USG proclaims that Full Scope Polygraph testing is the most thorough form of polygraph test in use to screen security clearance candidates. As the name implies, it can include all the standard questions of both the Counterintelligence and the Lifestyle Polygraph tests. Specific issue exams may be required to complete testing.


Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement pre-employment tests are screening tests. Screening tests are conducted in the absence of a known incident, known allegation or any reason to suspect someone's involvement. This contrasts with criminal investigative polygraph, or diagnostic examinations that focus on a suspect's involvement in a single known event or known allegation that is the subject of an investigation. Specific issue exams may be required to complete testing.



1How do I prepare for my polygraph test?
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Follow your usual routine
  • Take your regular medications
  • Don’t skip any meals
  • Come with an open mind as it’s a unique experience each time
  • Allow enough time in your schedule
  • Arrive early
2Will nervousness affect my test?

Nervousness is expected and accounted for during testing.

3How long will the test take?

The average test length falls between two and four hours depending on the topics covered. Everyone’s life experience is different, and the test length relates directly to those experiences. Leave enough time in your schedule for your test.

4How can I be successful on my polygraph examination?
Speak candidly about your life experiences, ask questions, follow your examiner’s instruction, and maintain your focus throughout the process.

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