Frontier Geoconsultants Limited is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to the fields of energy development, mineral exploration, geophysical surveys, GIS and remote sensing studies, natural resource management, policy analysis and infrastructure development.

The firm was founded in June, 2018 as a geoconsultancy firm in South Sudan and was formed upon the realization that there was need for services in research and consultancy with an interdisciplinary approach to issues in S.Sudan.

The principal participants in the company have been involved in training, research and geological consultancy services that have been undertaken to the highest possible levels.

The firm’s aim is to ensure sustainability and preservation of resources. Since its formation, Frontier Geoconsultants Limited has continued to grow and develop over time to become a reputable consultancy firm, amassing a wealth of experience in developing geodatabases, drilling of water wells, environmental management plan.
However, this firm continues to offer consultancy services in other sections such as socio-economic surveys and hydrological activities. Frontier Geoconsultants Limited is well conversant with its areas of operations as well as the knowledge of local languages/dialects spoken by the local communities.
Frontier Geoconsultants Limited assures the highest quality geologic consulting services through direct principal involvement in each project, promoting effective communication between the client and the firm. Fulfilling and even exceeding customer expectations. We are highly committed to bring premium services to the people of South Sudan and the surrounding region


The firm’s geologists have extensive experience in groundwater geology, mineral exploration, environmental impact assessment (EIA), geodatabase management and design, geophysical surveys and have been providing expert professional services since 2018 to a variety of clients in the fields of ground water development, environmental, geological engineering and planning.

The application of geophysics to challenging geologic, environmental, engineering, or other scientific problems provides an alternative and often unique insight into the subsurface unlike more conventional assessment methods. Frontier Geoconsultants Limited supplies you with strategies and advice that reduce the likelihood of overlooking unexpected subsurface conditions while enhancing the understanding of subsurface site characteristics.

The more knowledge and insight you have available, the better your planning and development strategy.

Our areas of expertise include:


Geophysical investigations

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Ground-water Analysis

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Water well location studies

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Test well drilling observation and supervision

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