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"The KEY to faith is believing in the LOVE Christ demonstrated on the CROSS. Then seeing there is DEPTH to His love. Finally you have to be bold when STEPPING OUT."

Giving is an action of worship,
affection & love for Jesus.

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February 3, 2017

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February 3, 2017

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February 3, 2017

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  • God’s Fingerprint Evidence

    “One of the first steps I took to start my company was to make it official with the state. I reached out to Legal Zoom and purchased their help. I wanted to name my company Faith LLC, but they informed me that I most likely wasn’t going to get it. The name I choose conflicted with another company in my state. I asked them to try anyway. Some days had gone by with no word and I was starting to wonder if I would get that name for my company. That is when doubt began to creep into my thoughts. Then one night I came home from work completely exhausted. I took a shower and got right to bed. I fell asleep very quickly, but I suddenly woke up a few hours later from a dead sleep. I was still very tired but couldn’t go back to sleep. I did everything in my power to try to relax so I could fall back to sleep. I made it colder in the house, I took a melatonin sleep aid, I played soft piano music, and I even did breathing exercises. Nothing I did was working. I had been trying this for over an hour to try to go back to sleep before the thought came to my mind that maybe God was trying to tell me something. I quickly reached out for my phone so I could look through my Bible App. When I opened the app, I immediately saw the number 12 three times. It was in the time, bible app activity, and days in the app. I took a screenshot right away to preserve the evidence. I then wanted to know what the number 12 meant in the bible. I Google searched the number and found out that 12 is the number for faith. I knew instantly in my heart that God was letting me know that He placed the vision to start Faith LLC in my heart, and that I would get the name. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to share the good news with everyone in my house. In an excited manner I shared all the events that I just stated. After sharing the good news, I ran back upstairs to get back in the bed. I was overwhelmed with joy, and there was no way I was going back to sleep now. I began to praise Him and thank Him. After a few minutes I started to settle down. Then I began to look back over my screenshot and the explanation of the number 12 to reaffirm myself. When I read the explanation earlier, I didn’t read past the first sentence before I jumped out of bed. As I was reading it again God revealed to me something that I had missed earlier. At the bottom of the explanation was the date of when it was downloaded to the internet. It was downloaded on May 29, and that is my birthday. God instantly flooded my heart a 2nd time with joy. Right away He let my heart know that Faith LLC was going to be birthed with His involvement. I love how He provided me with the physical evidence I would need to reaffirm myself to keep on pushing when the devil would attack my vision with fear, doubt, and worry. After seeing the second confirmation I jumped out of bed again and hurried back downstairs to share the new revelation. I didn’t even allow time for a response before I ran out of the room due to my excitement. I hurried back to my room and began to praise and thank Him a second time. I was so thankful the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night to show me that. Somehow, I fell back to sleep. The next morning I woke up with a small amount of joy lingering on my heart. I also had the devil right there whispering thoughts of doubt into my mind. Out of nowhere I began to wonder what if God didn’t send those confirmations, and that I made it all up to make myself think God was involved but really wasn’t. I shook that thought off by looking over the screenshots that are now preserved in my photos. I also looked over God`s written word and all the promises He has for me. After strengthening my spirit, I decided I better get back on task. My new morning routine began with reading over any new mail in my inbox. The very first email waiting for me was from Legal Zoom letting me know that Faith LLC was now recognized by the state. God instantly overwhelmed my heart with 10xs the amount of joy I felt the night before with the 3rd and final confirmation that He was directly involved with the birth of Faith LLC. He completely destroyed the doubt that was creeping into my mind. He is so awesome how He plans things out. He knew exactly how long I needed to be awake before I would reach out for answers the night before so He could speak to my heart and confirm His involvement. He is so timely. Hours before I got the confirmation email that Faith LLC was mine, He was excited for me. He woke me up just to share His love and confirmation with me. I just want to share my experience to strengthen your faith and inform you on how God is trying to speak to you. It’s not by coincidence. The devil wants you to think that. Here are the three screenshots and physical evidence of Him speaking to me. I look over these to strengthen my faith when it’s struggling. Don’t give up prematurely. You will only be walking out on your blessings that are right around the corner. God desires to use you. He will get the glory with or without your consent. The only difference is if you give yourself to Him you get to partake in the reward He has for you.”

  • Mission Statement

    “Putting the Kingdom of God first and trusting fully in him. Sharing His message in everything we produce and creating a platform that has real impact on establishing or encouraging people’s faith. All driven by the love Christ demonstrated on the cross.”

  • How to Navigate

    To purchase Faith products keep scrolling down, but my website is more than just selling a product to make money. At the top of the Homepage, you will see I have other sections labeled Testimony, Dream, Healing, and Bringing up. Please take the time to look through these. Each section is dependent on the others success. Would you also take the time to read over the link labeled God’s Fingerprint Evidence. The link provides my personal story and evidence God revealed to me that He is directly involved in the success of Faith LLC.

    Thank you in advance for your support.”