What We Do?

My Private Practice is located above the Colorado River in a peaceful countryside setting, providing Clinical Counseling Services, free Consultation & Referral, Educational Programs tailored to your needs, Therapeutic Support Groups, Jungian Dream Interpretation, Songwriting Workshops, “Chakra Balancing”, as well as free “River Bottom” Yoga Workouts for Bastrop’s Surrounding Communities.​

About Me

Eve Barton

I have been licensed in the state of Texas for twenty-seven years as a Professional Counselor; My Education:


Carl Jung created the concept of active imagination as a way to describe bridging the gap between unconsciousness and consciousness. Using imagination, fantasy, dreams and meditation, a client is able bring their unconscious into the present through narrative or action. Active imagination relies on a client’s undirected observation of their imagination or dreams, not an intended image of their desires.