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Energy 101 customizes a solution for every client’s specific needs.


Energy 101 is an energy conservation firm that can provide solutions for more than just solar. While solar is our “meat and potatoes,” there are more areas many clients need to address, but that process was always complicated. Energy 101 was started to serve that purpose. We are the one-stop-shop for your energy conservation needs.

The technology advances in the solar industry over the last decade have made solar not only more affordable, but it has truly provided a 25-40-year solution. The implementation of net metering has also driven the cost of solar down, as we no longer must have storage capabilities. There are many American made products that offer the highest quality efficiencies that we prefer to use, as well.

Sometimes our rural clients have other options. Vertical wind turbines that can be grid-tied have advanced as well. Virtuously silent, these turbines provide energy both day and night. By pairing this with solar, many clients can obtain an all-day approach to energy production.

Many of us receive our water and sewage bill each month and just pay it, never considering if that number is correct. By utilizing our patented water product, the water coming through your meter can be monitored and made consistent to reduce pressure fluctuations that can leave your meter reading flawed. The device can save clients up to 30% on their water and sewage bills, and the savings is guaranteed by a performance contract. This product is a game changer for hotels, restaurants, car washes, laundry mats, nursing homes, etc.

By offering the highest quality products with the best warranties, our clients can feel relieved with their investment. Electricity and water conservation can easily be achieved through our process. The permitting, HOA applications, engineering, and inspections are all handled by us. All the while, you’ll be kept up to speed on how these processes are coming along, and we will schedule all on-site work with you for your convenience.Despite what other companies claim to be complex and difficult, energy conservation is quite simple. That’s what we do. Let’s get back to the basics!

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