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Well -practiced Self-awareness requires to be proactive. It means taking better care of yourself and since the best care is the self-care, it can boost your well-being fairly fast.

This year has been a significant year of grief and loss for many; mine begin with the sudden loss of my son Matthew. Before I could learn to breathe again the pandemic overtopped my grief. From my individual grieving process gradually I entered into a collective one.

The loss of our freedom, the loss of time with our family and our loved ones, the loss of incomes and jobs, and loss of loved ones- people are seeking comfort and healing.

From helplessness we feel powerless, paralyzed and wounded; how can we become proactive and prevent ourselves getting physically and emotionally ill?

Practice Proactive Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self-Care with Emotional Intelligent Solutions. Emotional Intelligence being put in action; solve any situation in a healthy way!