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Ehbed Energy Consulting

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Energy Consulting for American Operations

Ehbed [ɛ – bɛd]

“Servant of equal stature to those they work with. A servant of Nations.”

Ehbed Energy exists to serve our country, community, and environment by developing energy solutions that eliminate 5-6 figures of yearly energy bills for little to zero net cost.

Our team and partners have delivered

+$270 Million & Counting

in Savings for Our Clients

Our Services


Commercial Solar and Energy Development

Slash 5-7 figures of yearly energy expenses with holistic energy solutions; including solar, sustainable generation, and battery storage solutions.


Energy Procurement and Recovery

We acquire 5-6 figure refunds for overcharged utility bills and ensure operations pay the best possible rate for their energy moving forward.

Need help getting started?

Get an Energy Battle Plan built to avoid tens if not hundreds of thousands in yearly energy cost. Schedule a Discovery Call Today


Consumption Management

Trim energy consumption using LED, smart insulation services, and roofing.

Built with a Purpose

Ehbed is a purpose-built and purpose-driven energy developer. We help the leaders of organizations navigate through the noise and misconceptions of energy, and make profitable and palpable change easy.”  

With service to our country as a core value of Ehbed, 10% of net company profits are donated to help jobless Americans train and transition to careers in renewable energy.

Practical. Not Political

Our collective ability to participate and profit in today’s energy revolution is often stagnated by misconceptions and noise around the energy industry.

Ehbed was built to serve, educate, and empower the leaders of our businesses and communities to create palpable and profitable change.

Using cutting edge financial development strategy and partnering with an exclusive world-class engineering team, we effectively deliver turn-key energy solutions slashing 5-6 figures in yearly energy costs.

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