Dar Al-Arqam Academics

Dar Al-Arqam academy offers special online Qur’an, Arabic, and group classes that are suitable for all levels and ages. Dar Al-Arqam convenient online tutoring programs optimize the learning experience with personalized instruction, easy scheduling, and top-quality tutors – anywhere, at any time!

Our Staff

Our engaging, professional tutors work one-on-one with you or your child to define goals, provide support, and reach their potential in learning the holy Quran and Arabic language.

Our Classes

Program 1

Individual Quran Classes

All ages and levels

Program 2

Group Quran Classes.

Level 1 - Kids

Program 3

Group Quran Classes

Level B - Kids

Program 4

Group Quran Classes

Adults- Women

Program 5

Group Quran Classes

Adults- Men

Program 6

Individual Arabic Classes

All ages and levels

Program 7

Group Arabic Classes

Primary Level - Kids

Program 8

Group Arabic Classes

Intermediate Level - Kids