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A Message From Our Owner Richard Elkhoury

Clare Pharmacy has been providing quality services for the last 20 years. We have been in business since the year 2000. Over this time period, our company has successfully strengthened its pharmacy services which have enabled our company to become the fastest-growing company when it comes to providing medical assistance to our local community

A Little Information About Us

Clare Pharmacy is a local community chemist based out of Clare Valley. The services we provide are available to people living in the Clare, Spring Farm, Stanley Flat, and other surrounding suburbs. At Clare Pharmacy White Pharmacy, it is our belief that before treating a person who has a medical condition, you need to provide him or her with the best care possible. Due to such a thing, our pharmacists and pharmacy assistants take an in-depth look by asking the right questions and giving accurate solutions to our customers. We do not sell just the specials. We take time to know the needs and requirements of our patients. 

Our mission is to provide the best pharmacy services a company can offer, which will help us become the industry leader in medication practices and pharmacy services. We, at Clare Pharmacy, have a highly-skilled staff, and they provide services that are efficient and cost-effective. We also have set up a website where we provide services to people sitting at home. So come on down and visit our Pharmacy, or go to our website tor read more about us.

It is our mission at Clare Pharmacyto provide customers with a service that is tailored made according to our customer’s needs and requirements. With the presence of high trained pharmacists, it is our goal to make healthcare as accessible as possible for everyone. So, they can have a better future and live healthy lives. Customers may have had poor experiences with other pharmacies in the past. However, when they go for our services, they will see for themselves that not every Pharmacy out there is out to take their money!

We at Clare Pharmacy pride ourselves by providing customers with a great customer experience from our highly trained and qualified staff. Our services are highly cost-effective and convenient. We have also been working on expanding our online presence with the help of our website. Thorugh it, our customers will be able to meet their healthcare needs without having to wait as they can go to our website and acquire the services they need while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

At Clare Pharmacy, we provide services that are customer-centric and focused according to their need and requirements. Our high-trained staff is empathetic and care about every person that walks into our store. Some of our services include Vaccination Services, sleep apnea, methadone programs, patient home medicine reviews, blood pressure, and glucose readings, and many more.

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