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August 4, 2020

Provide Resources

Our ministry provides Christian resources to churches for evangelism and follow up. Our goal is to help and train all Christian bodies from all communities to win the lost at all cost and influence all aspects of their lives with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through our follow up resource manual, we train church leaders and individuals to equip to help mature the newly converts and immature Christians to draw closer to Christ and be bonded to Him in the fellowship of sharing His suffering and discipleship.
August 4, 2020

Community Endeavors

We support multiple community endeavors by providing resources and assistance to the local churches. These resources are used to reach out to young people and teach them the discipline of the Christian faith. The community endeavors also help churches to determine theologies, programs, social relationships, service days, and activities. We want churches to experience the true meaning of community endeavors "learning by doing".
August 4, 2020


As a non-profit organization, we assist in building community projects in conjunction with the Christian faith to help in executing the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each activity is thoroughly supervised with faith and positive energy. These community projects may include sermons, witnessing, baptizing, prayers, voluntary services, etc. in the name of our Lord.


CCACEM by the leading of the Holy Spirit launched its campaign for the year 2021. The President of CCACEM announced our vision of winning 10,000 souls in the year 2021 through our community organized crusades. These crusades are channeled to reach the farthest parts of Ghana and other parts of the world. We are praying and trusting God that these evangelistic crusades will lead many to accepting Jesus Christ and experience the power of His resurrection marked with signs and wonders, such as healing sick, raising the dead, opening blind eyes, etc.

These upcoming Crusades will also cater for the physical well-being of the towns and communities we will be visiting through the provision of medical care and basic needs for day-to-day living, such as boreholes, clothing, buckets, through community-based projects, etc.

The purpose of these crusades, is to take the gospel to all peoples of the world and engage in community endeavor.

Keep up with CCACEM's upcoming crusades. Please pray for each event as we believe together for the incredible harvest of souls to continue to be brought into the Kingdom of God. Your prayers for these campaigns are greatly appreciated. We cannot do what we do without prayer.


CCACEM is yet to conduct an intense community survey for its upcoming Great Gospel Crusades in the Central Region of Ghana and other parts of the world. The survey is going to be conducted by the Advance Team of CCACEM, led by our Outreach Director. It will seek to gather accurate information of these communities regarding their beliefs, standard of living, communication barriers, infrastructure, etc. It will further seek to determine the needs of the communities and enable us engage in relevant social intervention programs, community projects in conjunction with our Gospel Crusades. In all, these community surveys are to serve as effective tools to capture feedbacks and engage us in strategic direction for our upcoming crusades.