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Allergy & Asthma

Allergy and asthma center is a consulting and testing medical institution for different seasonal and food allergies. Our center is a reliable place for all patients suffering from asthma and allergies. We take extra care of our center surroundings and hygiene to avoid any allergic reactions. Our consultants are medically trained to assist both young and old age patients.

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Specialize In Seasonal And Food Allergies,

We specialize in consulting and testing both seasonal and food allergies. Our center can perform any allergy test procedure.

Skin Scratch Tests For Both Food And Seasonal Allergies.

A skin scratch test is a minor skin test carried out to confirm the suspected allergies. In the procedure, the skin is exposed to the suspected ...

Asthma Care/Control,

The control and care of asthma depend on the severity diagnosed by your doctor. The severity of asthma is divided into four categories:

Skin Biopsy Tests,

Oftentimes physical examination and allergy testing are not enough to determine the cause of recurring rashes. A rash can be a cause of hypersensitivity/ allergy


Rashes Due To Food Or Allergies

A rash is one of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction. Rashes from food allergies are caused by a response of the immune system treating

Complex Patients Being Anaphylaxis

Allergic symptoms occur when your immune system overreacts to any allergens by releasing chemicals in the body as a defense mechanism.


Immunology refers to the study of the immune system. The immune system protects our body from diseases and in case of any infection fights the bacteria and protects

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