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No forms. No cookie cutter approaches.​You’re not like everyone else.​

U2Me Coaches use our UNEEK ™️ approach to engage you in your own story. You’ll be surprised by what the process reveals authentically about you and how well we capture that in your resume, interview language and workplace interactions.​ Most of all, embedded in everything we do is coaching, so you leave with so much more than what you expected.

1. Professional and confidence-building

2. Confidential Coaching Summary with every session

3. Easy online booking at a time that suits you

Popular Services

*These services provide you with a professional personalized resume, value proposition and coaching summary in a two-hour session with a U2MeResumes coach.​

Looking for work

I’ve lost my job, where do I begin? How do I stand out? Your U2MeResumes Coach will help you answer these questions so you can “hit the ground running”. ​

Want to get promoted

I’m ready for a promotion, but it’s not happening. If this is you, your U2MeResumes Coach will guide you in reframing your talents and experience to prepare you for getting that next promotion.​

Changing careers

Changing careers requires thinking differently about your experience and translating it into something new. Your U2MeResumes Coach will help you achieve that practically and with focus.​

Returning to the workforce

Understanding what not to do can be as important as knowing what to do when returning to the workforce. Your U2MeResumes Coach will guide you to re-purpose your work history so you have clarity and confidence.​

Just Graduating

Starting out can be daunting. Your U2MeResumes Coach will work to help you understand your value so you start your work life with a solid foundation you can build on.​

Young professional

Employers want young professionals with current skills and a fresh outlook. U2MeResumes understands that. Your Coach will capture your talents and experience with employers in mind.​

Saw the perfect job

…and you want it! Your U2MeResumes Coach will create your resume, value proposition and cover letter so it’s aligned to the job and reflects the value you bring to it. ​

Need interview help

Getting interviews and not getting the job? Want to be ready when the call comes? Your U2Me Coach will train you on successful interviewing techniques and practice with you in this intensive 1.5 hour session. ​

We guarantee you will receive personalized attention that is meaningful and practical advice ​you can execute.​

We guarantee you will have a renewed sense of confidence and greater clarity on how to present ​your talents in this competitive marketplace. ​

We guarantee your Coaching Summary will reinforce your next steps so the experience resonates ​well beyond U2MeResumes. ​

We care about your next job but
we care about your future more.

Our Service Guarantee

The Process

Select what service meets your needs.

Go to Popular Services and select the service that suits your needs best. Simply follow the links.​

Pay and book your Coaching Session online.

After you select your service, you can conveniently pay and book your session at the same time online.  Appointments are accepted up to three weeks in advance. 

Follow the email instructions.

You will immediately receive an email with instructions for your session and service immediately after booking your session.

Attend your coaching session

Receive your Coaching Summary.

Your U2MeResumes Coach will forward your session Coaching Summary and depending on the service you purchased other documents.​



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