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Our Winning Formula

Schedule an appointment today so we can work through your financial circumstances and create the best strategy to save you the most on taxes. After filling out the registration form, we discuss your finances and engage you in questions that will best help us understand how we can serve you.

Just like a law attorney would study your case to represent you in court, we too study your finances so that we can navigate you through the IRS tax laws and yearly changes. We ensure that no matter your financial situation, you get your lawfully-entitled maximum tax refund from the IRS.

With your finances and our research, we can finally explain to you the strategies we took that enabled us to get your maximum refund. We are committed to reviewing everything and providing you the literacy to best understand your finances so you can make the best decisions for yourself!

We Are Best Around


We are consistently reviewing the changing tax laws so that we’re always equipped to take care for your finances.


Protected with a Secure 256-bit SSL Encryption, we keep all sensitive data and client information safe and sound.


Our virtual process and video-conference meetings allow us to easily work together through your financial circumstances.


Years of navigating through various circumstances and utilizing the best deductions will benefit your finances.


Our experience, knowledge, and prices will always be available to answer any of your questions and build your financial literacy.


We can’t disappear after tax season, there is a lot of work that needs to be done so we can help you reach your financial goals.

IWe’re building Love, Family, and Generational wealth.

Community Is Our Passion.

Our team was founded on the values of family and community; serving the people in order to bring about the best versions of themselves is our passion and lifelong mission. Our partnership with Jumping Jack Tax allows us to provide every family the opportunity to afford a financial advisor who can provide you the best opportunities to invest in you, your passions, your family, your community, your values, and the generations of change-makers to come./p>

About Prime Start Taxes

Some interesting facts and stats about prime start taxes are:

Prime Start Taxes gives you back your independence, your taxes, and your life! 24-7 live contact customer support. Whether being on the go on stuck in the house. Prime Start Taxes is a virtual tax preparation service willing too reach you no matter what part of the country you are located in. No need too find a tax professional when you have a virtual tax company with a reach of a phone!

Why hire a tax professional if you used too do your taxes?

Why hire a tax professional if you used too do your taxes? Simple , education, many professionals would rather you pay them and you be in the blind spot of your taxable income. Prime Start Taxes through onboarding client process will help you understand why you are getting a refund. Other services offered such as tax planning, audit protection, and different strategies too decreased amount of tax liability too the IRS will be offered.

Trust factor

Many people hop on a phone with a stranger and spill all of their information blindly not knowing if they can rely on them because of spread of word or a recommendation.Prime Start Taxes  wants too know you, your background, the workplace , your life style , your time. So that when we prepare your taxes its on your time, your priority!


Prime Start Taxes  works for you so does our time. Office space is old school let’s get you going virtual. Get you taxes done instantly instead of waiting for hours in a office.

Home Visits

Due to transportation or simply having a family with bigger priorities. We can come too you! Make sure you are in the Michigan Area, city, or zip code.

Our Skills

Creating social change by building generational wealth.


How do I know if I will be accepted by IRS?


By allowing Prime Start Taxes too onboarding you as a client we can determine based off the information you give if you owe or not getting a return

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Can I use a pay stub?


You can if you have not receive all of your W-2s to finish information for your income

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WHow long usually does your process take?


72 hours to be completed and sent off to the IRS


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How do I know if owe the IRS?


 Through the onboarding process there you will determine through your information if you need to pay any taxes back from a tax liability or if you do not know and you will receive a refund


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Becoming a innovator?

Truth is prime start Taxes will not help the city the city will help itself. Through free education for starting a business and help young black individuals into entrepreneurship


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What is Term Start Taxes?

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Our Services

Tax Preparation

Our talented team of tax professionals will deliver your maximum tax refund.

Financial Planning

Our exceptional team is committed to bringing your finances back in order.


If death and taxes are certain in life, why are you waiting for insurance?

Investment Planning

We hold dear to our hearts the mission to create generational wealth for you.


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