Changing the way People meet and Date to better our society

Awesome Features

Fun & Safe

With Bmad, your safety is our first priority. We prioritize kind, respectful communication and
hope to develop a secure community of individuals looking to build new relationships and foster connection.

The First of It’s Kind

Bmad uses innovative technologies in order to break from the mainstream. We seek to change and shape the way we interact with one another.

More Than a Dating App

Bmad is more than just a dating or hookup app, but a social network and an opportunity to forge relationships with people who are seriously seeking companionship.

Live & In-Person

Bmad is the only app that takes you off of the apps and in-person, challenging the rules of
dating apps and making for a more personal, healthy opportunity for human connection.


There are so many things that could turn a great night out sour. You could approach someone
that you’re interested in and get rejected; you could go out alone hoping to make new friends
and wind up staring at a sea of people with their attention locked on their phones; you could
start your night looking for connection, only to feel too shy to initiate conversation. Luckily, Bmad
is a location-based social network that makes bad nights out a thing of the past.
Bmad serves as the perfect prompt to start a conversation, the perfect, subtle way to flirt without
scaring someone away, the perfect way to bring back human interaction, and the perfect way to meet new people. With our double opt-in feature, your safety is at the forefront and our technologies are innovative, fun, and easy to use. So go on, Buy Me A Drink!

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